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Since this new version of swimminginiceland.com still needs some days work to finish, we would like to show you our Icelandic version www.sundlaugar.is too. Have a look at how the locals rate the swimmingpools and what kind of comments they leave. Eventhough you don´t speak the language that well, the smiley´s and grumpy faces might help you out .


Have a peek and switch back to rate a pool here at our english version, swimminginiceland.com!

The Icelandic way


Before entering a pool you might want to get acquainted with the Icelandic way of swimming. Since most thermal pools contain low levels of chlorine, guests are required to shower naked before diving in. A great advantage is the lack of that bleach-like smell, on the other hand you might have to conquer your fear of being naked around other men or women.


Icelandic people seem to have no problem though, showering naked. It´s probably one of those things you just have to get used to.


Men and women are separated and you´ll get a key to a free locker to store your clothes. When you´re not sure of where to scrub you can check one of these signs, often present in the changing rooms and showers.


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